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The best ever motivational speech in sports…. I am a Champion


There are many inspirational speeches which has the capability to raise the dead to become champions. While searching for some of them, I stumble upon this incredible speech by Coach Flower to his high school …

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Sachin Tendulkar, the legend: Lessons from 22 yards and 24 years

Sachin waving crowd

An era in cricket history finally concluded with Sachin hanging his boots. While watching his last day on the field on 16th November 2013, I traveled the nostalgic lanes of my life where I had witnessed him playing fantastic knocks.

I may not be the biggest fan of Sachin, but I’ve grown watching him taking the art of batting to never imagined heights. My love for the game became more intense with every run added to scoreboard by Sachin. Read the full story »

We all are in one business – Creating empowered individuals and delighted customers


As a customer for many products and services, my utmost satisfaction is the basic requirement to remain loyal to the company and the brand. Delight seems to be many steps ahead of my satisfaction.
I feel …

9 negative phrases you should never say in office

Do not speak

Benjamin Franklin once said “Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” This holds ground after …

Death of a brand: 5 Branding lessons from demise of Nokia


The journey from the 5th most valued brand in the world to the desperate brand on block, stock traded at $40 to paltry $2, valuation of $150 billion to $12 billion, global share of smartphones …

Making Flash Decisions: Choosing between devil and the deep blue sea

railroad tracks

We’ve evolved through ages and survived because of our superior intellect and better ability to make decisions. Still sometimes, the circumstances make the decisions tough and hard to take.
We take thousands of decisions in a …

Perseverance always pays – Time and age no bar…

Colonel Sanders

Sometimes one single moment is enough to change the course of your life; and sometimes the whole life of failures and learning are not enough to get that elusive magic moment in your fold.
Its easier …

You cannot please everyone, so stop trying

Aesop, a storyteller who lived in ancient Greece, once said – “Please all and you will please none”; the truth scattered all around us in every bit of our lives. I haven’t observed exception to …

How a bad website damages your brand and corporate image?


Internet is ubiquitous and websites are mushrooming. As some of the recent surveys indicate, there are 600+ million websites worldwide, and increasing everyday with astonishing rate. Making your brands visible in this quagmire is getting …

Start with price – The best way to lose the sale


As a buyer, I personally hate to get influenced by somebody selling products or services to fulfill my latent or explicit needs. We all, in fact, are hard wired in a way where we hate …

Sales and marketing: The war must end


Marketing, as a function, is relatively younger in comparison to other functions of the organization. In early 1900, it evolved as an ancillary function to sales in order to help them with literature, brochures, promotional …

12 Gadgets the mobile phones are killing


I remember the Wall Street Journal article “Have Breakfast… or…Be Breakfast!” by Prof. Murthi of IIM Bangalore. It indicates the inconceivable markets from where the competition is emerging. Music industry vs. mobile operators, cricket matches …

What is the worth of your time?


Will you still give away your time mindlessly to inane activities or throw priceless minutes to undeserving individuals;  if you are left with limited time stock with a clock counting down to zero, your death …

Meetings: 10 tips to waste time


Have you ever measured the number of meetings that you attend in a year? You’ll be surprised to see the staggering hours that you’ve spent sitting through the mind-numbing meetings. The alarming will be the …