Thursday, June 30, 2022
“I am a perfectionist”, replied the intelligent candidate in response to astute interview question, “what is your weakness?”. How many times we reply in similar way? Probably, most of...

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Timeless management lessons from Mahatma Gandhi

The name, Mahatma Gandhi evokes the image of truth personified, who has been revered by masses and classes equally. Who is known to be...

Sales: The DNA of an organization

A businesses objective outlines the goals and aims about where the business wants to reach, how it intends to reach there. There are numerous objectives...

Death of a brand: 5 Branding lessons from the demise of Nokia

The journey from the 5th most valued brand in the world to the desperate brand on sale, the stock traded from $40 to a...

Time: What is the worth?

Will I still give away my time mindlessly to inane activities or throw priceless minutes to undeserving individuals, if am left with limited time...

Meetings madness: 10 ways to waste time (Satire)

Have you ever measured the number of meetings that you attend in a year? You’ll be surprised to see the staggering hours that you’ve...


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Biocon: The winning brew of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

In today’s modern India any position outside the house is hard won for woman; and the situation many decades ago was no different. Kiran Mazumdar made her way through...