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10 Resolutions for New Year that every professional must commit to

One more year has gone into the annals of history. The year to remember for some and forgetful for others. The year that has left us with mixed bag of feelings.

We celebrated the arrival of new year with usual fervor and festivity, raised  toast to new year, gulped a couple of drinks and went  to bed after wishing family and friends a happy and prosperous year. The technology came handy in the form of SMSs, emails, web platforms. The wishing seems to be customary and a ritual to be repeated on the advent of next year after 365 days.

Dawn was no special on the first day of the new year, the day started like any other day. I wondered if this change of numerals on the piece of paper called calendar makes any difference to our lives.

BUT…Our attitude, our hunger to triumph over the world, our appetite to learn, our way of gauging things from diverse viewpoint can definitely make immense difference.

I thought of Resolutions. What a way to give meaning to the numerals on my calendar. A way to make a difference on new beginning called New Year.

I penned down 10 resolutions worth committing by every professional. New Year is the milestone to start afresh with working towards these resolutions. Every professional should vow to become better individual and better professional in the new year.

1. I’ll conclude on winning note:

Our life is all about winning. Who doesn’t want to conclude on winning note? Meaningful conversations with boss or petty altercations with colleagues; driving on the road or playing with the kids; we just want to win. Win gives us a new high. Human mind is programmed to win every battle. This was the nature’s gift for survival in the prehistoric era where only fittest survived. We have carried on this genes till today.

Winning is not everything; everybody winning to attain the common objective is what meant for organizations.

I take resolution to conclude every meeting, arguments, discussions, projects on winning note. I’ll go past the finish line with every stakeholder winning with me.  It’ll not be only about me; it’ll be about we.    

2. I’ll learn new technologies:

World is changing at rapid rate. The obsolescence time for new technology is decreasing drastically with the every passing month. The technologies are zooming past and some of us are mere spectators to this inevitable change.

Technologies are not only for IT professionals. The future of this world is owned by individuals who use the best of the technologies available to cut through the fiercest competition.

Dermot McCormack and Fergal O’Byrne in their book “10 Technologies every executive needs to know” mentioned technologies which have extreme impact on individual’s as well as organization’s progress. They wrote about Web Services, nanotechnology, Security, Grid Computing, Linux, Wireless technologies, XML, CRM, J2EE, Microsoft.Net amongst top 10 technologies.

I take resolution to learn at least two technologies like web services, wireless technologies, Microsoft office pack or enhanced proficiency with my MacBook, which impacts my way of doing things and critical in my role towards my objective attainment.  

3. I’ll network

Networking is the buzzword today. I wonder to see the individuals well connected with the world by Facebooks and Linkedins but working as a solitary soul in the dungeons called cubicles in their office.

Networking with cross-functional individuals, common fiends, ex-colleagues is equally important as for online networking. Web platform is complementary to your social and professional networking. You can always bank on individuals whom you know and work with.

I take resolution to network with individuals who are not a direct relate of my profile. I’ll get to know them and try to hold on to some of the projects which include diverse talents from cross functional teams.

4. I’ll set realistic goals

Setting realistic goal is the key to success. Don’t aim too high or you’ll be the lost soul with bruised and battered feeling of missing the mark. Don’t endeavor too low or you’ll slip into complacence for easily achieving the target and lose the opportunity of being the ultimate winner. Understand the true potential and plan accordingly. Your plans can jeopardize in absence of realistic goals as no wind is the right wind unless you know the harbor you are aiming for.

I take the resolution to set realistic goals in my professional as well as personal endeavors. I’ll leverage my strengths to get to my coveted, realistic and a bit stretched goals. 

5. I’ll read at least a book every month

Human brain is akin to the most powerful super computer. It works on the same principles which govern those great machines called computers. A computer can’t give quality output if quality input is not fed into it. It will unquestioningly process the most nonsensical of input data (garbage in) and produce nonsensical output (garbage out). 

I astonish to see people struggling to get great thoughts, innovative ideas and brag about their intellect when there is literally nothing being fed to the brain. Do remember that books are the food for your intellect. Cultivate habit of reading…and you will never be disappointed by the results.

I take the resolution to read at least one book a month. I’ll share my progress and learnings with my likeminded friends. 

6. I’ll do the things differently

You may not need to do different things to stand out in the crowd. Many a times a different approach, a novel way of execution, a fresh perspective to decorate the platter does the trick.

Take different route to your workplace, meet the people you usually don’t meet, use new technologies to connect to your audience, use unconventional media to release your campaign; there are many small ways to start with.

I take resolution to add fresh and diverse perspective to my endeavors this year. I’ll give the conventional approach of doing the things a new lease of life, a different viewpoint. I’ll do the things differently.

7. I’ll go that extra mile

“That Extra Mile” is what draws line between winner and runners up. Walt Disney once said “The difference in winning and losing is most often…not quitting”….and going That Extra Mile. Most people quit early under mounting pressure; but that extra bit of effort makes all the difference. The difference of one degree from 211°F to 212°F is enough to boil the water. The power of that extra mile is immense.

I take resolution to put my every bit of effort to accomplish the objectives. I’ll cover “That Extra Mile” to achieve the non achievable.

8. I’ll question the status quo

Change is the only evidence of life. The only place which rejects change and progress is cemetery. Human mind tends to slip into comfort zone and challenging status quo is seems to be akin to inviting hardship. Still the change is inevitable.

Challenge the status quo, explore the inventiveness, and revolutionize the things. Accepting the status quo will not allow you to remove the biased glasses; and will not let you jump out of your unprogressive mindset. 

I take resolution to challenge the status quo in all aspects of my life. I’ll make conscious efforts to apply different approach to all my ventures.

9. I’ll spend time with my family

Work-life balance is being taken utmost care by organizations today. With ever rising stress levels at workplace, spending time with your family and de-stressing yourself while playing with your kids become more relevant.

Moreover, time is zooming past you; steal some cherished moments with your family and kids, this time will never come again in your life.

I take resolution to spend quality time with my family.

10. I’ll Walk the Talk

Last but not the least, the gist of my above nine resolutions is summed up in this one.

I’ll walk the Talk and I’ll be a better professional and worthy human being this year.

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