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While rushing through the spectacle of life, one dons many hats. I don mine of varied avatars. I've been growing as a person everyday thus bringing the joy of living and working to the people around me.

Blogger & Writer

My journey of blogging started as a hobby somewhere in 2007. That was an era when blogging, was a craze with wordpress and blogger as the main platforms. I started with bookfiesta4u, which I eventually shut down. I kept on experimenting. Elib, virginwords, thirtyquotes, digismarter, biztekmantra was few which took shape and then went into oblivion except one, BizTekMantra, which survived a bit longer but eventually went offline. Meanwhile, other priorities in life took the centerstage.

The recent lockdowns during Covid-19 gave me ample opportunities to play around with my own time. That’s when I thought of learning advance applications like hosting platforms and advanced Wordpress applications (although I am not a trained IT guy) and revive BizTekMantra. Most of the pieces are the ones which I wrote during first innings of BizTekMantra but I started with posting the ones whose relevance lived through the passage of time.

I went through the process of intensive, consistent and gradual learning during last one and a half year while giving shape to BizTekMantra. Believe me, it has been an immensely satisfying experience throughout.

BizTekMantra is like clean slate for me where I write my heart out. Most of the topics of my interest revolves around Business, Tech, and Life. I don’t like tying myself in specific genre, hence I kept the platform open for varied areas.

I am a trained marketer. You’ll find many pieces related to vast universe of marketing in BizTekMantra.

From corporate by-lanes to being entrepreneur

Like most of us, I’ve grinded through 16 years of my corporate life. I have been through diverse functions like sales, marketing, IT, product management, strategy planning throughout my endeavor. Marketing has, somehow, been near to my heart; I closely witness the changing phases of marketing in organizations.

I realized the benefit of starting career in a small sized, fast-growing organization when I turned on my own in 2015 along with couple of friends. Rightly said, an entrepreneur must be an all-rounder in initial years, donning many hats.

Avid Reader

The habit of reading is the best gift we can give to our loved ones. I am an avid reader and enjoy it to the core. I like the wisdoms of Robert Greene equally as the histrionics of financial markets by Pet Lynch and Warren Buffet; behavioral insights by Daniel Kahneman equally excite me like the amazing biographies by Walter Isaacson. The list is endless; and I feel there is so much to read, so much to learn and so much to write that a single lifetime is not sufficient enough.

I keep account of my reading in Goodreads while connecting with other readers. I dedicated a section in BizTekMantra to Books

Books certainly, make the life so meaningful and exciting.

I also welcome if you wish to share your views with readers through BizTekMantra.

I currently reside in Hyderabad, India with my wife and two sons. They are my defacto team behind BizTekMantra and my biggest critique as well as zealous supporters.

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Hardeep Kumar