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Best Sellers – Because Everything is About Selling by Devang Kanavia & Tanveer Shaikh

Sometimes you get so engrossed in the book that you lose the sense of the world around you. You get so involved in the story that you feel like being one of the characters in the book.

I am not a big fan of fiction (no offence to fiction fans), but in addition to non-fiction, I enjoyed realist fiction genres like “Barbarians at the Gate by Bryan Burrough” or “Bad Blood by John Carreyrou” which are set in the background of real boardroom battles of RJR Nabisco; and growth & fall of Theranos, the biggest scam in corporate history. These books take the reader on a roller coaster ride of thrill and suspense.

But the moment I picked “Best Sellers by Devang Kanavia & Tanveer Shaikh” today, I was in for an exhilarating excursion in the world of selling. Although this is not a fast-paced thriller or riveting action story, I didn’t think of keeping it down until I got impatiently to the sixth principle of selling.

It’s the story of two executives, Ryan and Aditya and their company Maxima. The journey of pulling the company out of ruins by the guidance of “Entity”, another important character in the book. The story shows the immense power of effective mentorship and the fantastic results of honest learning.

Surprisingly, the story is woven around the six magical principles of selling. Although the story is set in the background of the Indian context, the principles apply across all boundaries of cultures, countries and industries.

A great work by authors Devang Kanavia & Tanveer Shaikh.

The six principles are the pearls which are uncovered during the course of the story….

Principle 1.
Your uniqueness = Brand You
Develop your uniqueness as your strength to create your own distinct brand identity and stand out in the crowd. 
Principle 2.
Conviction Delivered to Customer < Your Own Brand Conviction.
You can deliver conviction to a customer only when you have high conviction on your brand promise.  
Principle 3.
Listening = Said Expectations + Unsaid Expectations
Listening is about gauging unsaid expectations; Probe the right way, and the customer will give you the reason for buying your product. 
Principle 4.
Each Customer Interaction = THE Opportunity
Treating each customer interaction as a one and only opportunity to create a unique and lasting experience. 
Principle 5.
Salesperson = Businessman
Think like a businessman by focusing on what to sell and when to sell; also ensuring the money comes in rather than being satisfied with just the sale. 
Principle 6.
Servicing the Need  >> Selling.
Service the need rather than just selling your product and you have made a customer for life. 

These are the core insights of selling that you come across as the story unfolds… Highly recommended for all professionals, seasoned or new….

Happy Reading! Happy Selling!!

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