Everybody must sell

A businesses objective outlines the goals and aims about where the business wants to reach, how it intends to reach there.

There are numerous objectives organizations formulate depending on their business environment and intent; but underline objective for running the business is only one – profitability which, in turn, is the factor of sales revenue. Despite of formulating grandiose objectives, no business can survive in absence of healthy sales revenue flow. Hence, selling becomes pivotal to business; a prerequisite to any meaningful objective even to exist.

Every other function in the organization, be it marketing, HR, finance, accounts, supply chain; exists to support the underlined objective, the sales revenue enhancement; to support the team directly responsible for this objective – The Sales Team.

Its pertinent for everyone to have sales insightfulness; and what is the best way other than donning the sales hat. Being in sales teaches you the splendid lessons, sometimes in hard way. This goes a long way for you to develop sales acumen while being in support functions

1. Listen, Listen and Listen to your customers: Nothing is more important and meaningful than the words of the person in front of you. No theories, knowledge, or the extent of your learning can let you understand their perspective but the words they speak. So, listen, understand, assimilate, and act rather than pushing your own point down their throat. Moreover, speaking more makes you vulnerable and let the control in their hands. Successful sales persons are excellent listeners too.

2. Its all about relationships: Transactional approach must be buried deep down. Relationship is the key with internal and external stakeholders. Sales guy adept in building and nurturing relationships wins hands down every time. Selling teaches you the significance of relationships. Personal life or professional sphere; humans are still ruled by emotions and emotions ride relationships.

3. Customer is always prime: Ask sales guy about the moment when he gives his best to put the customer to the coveted throne of “king”. He will tell you “ customer comes first always”. Without this feeling running down your mind every time you interact with your sales team, you can’t empathize with them. Customer comes first and you exist because of him.

4. Opportunities are hidden in your problems: Sales teaches you to see the silver lining through the problems. When you hit the wall, climbing and exploring the other side is the only survival option. Problems are always impregnated with chances to open the new door.

5. The only permanent thing is change: Being in selling is always enriching for rest of your life. Dynamic customer behavior, changing competitor environment, shift in customer’s demands, work environment and so on…; nothing seems to be permanent. Adaptability is the natural outcome of these varying interactions and atmosphere. You require this trait a lot once you move further in your career, sometimes out of hardcore selling.

Successful organizations don’t experience disconnect between sales and support functions, especially marketing. During my movements through varied functions in my career, I have observed that the professionals responsible for equipping the sales personnel with resources and support works far better if they themselves had donned the sales hat at some part of their career.

Rightly said, “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced”.

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