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Life lessons from 22 yards and 24 years

I wrote this piece in November 2013 but still the memories of the great master retiring are vivid in my heart.

An era in cricket history concluded with Sachin hanging his boots. I was watching his last day on the field on 16th November 2013. I travelled the nostalgic lanes of my life where I had witnessed him playing fantastic knocks.

I may not be the biggest fan of Sachin, but I’ve grown watching him taking the art of batting to never imagined heights. My love for the game became more intense with every run added to scoreboard by Sachin.

I remember waking up in the middle of nights to watch the master playing in some other part of the world, I remember missing my school to watch him mauling the bowlers, and I vividly remember planning my days according to the time when Sachin would bat. For me, every match lasted only till the time Sachin batted. I am going to miss even more of those moments.

Memories will never fade. Millions of us feel as if a part of us has left the field of cricket, a part of us will never stand on that 22 yards shouldering the hopes of a billion fans, a part of us grew older and retired from the cricket field.

Sachin has entertained the world for 24 long years. The journey a young boy of 16 years to become a legend has been the epitome of values and tradition.

I was captivated by his farewell speech. The words coming straight from his heart were simply mesmerizing. It was 24 years packed in those few minutes, when Sachin finally spoke. That speech can easily be categorized as the best speech delivered by any sportsperson on the field. People stood there shell shocked listening to him. Thanks Sachin for one more stunning knock. I am overwhelmed.

For all the years, he has carried himself with amazing ease. He has been a great cricketer and a humble human being. No wonder he got a grand farewell, a dream for any sportsperson. That was as much for great human being as for a legend cricketer.

I pay my tribute to the legend by remembering some of his finest qualities which has enthralled the generations for long. These are precious life lessons for everyone, be it in any field.

Humility is the hallmark of success:

Sachin is the most humble celebrity you can come across. He never boasted off his achievements at any platform. He has never been part of any controversy in his career.

In his farewell speech, he remembered every single individual who ever has contributed in his cricketing life in last 24 years. He thanked everyone for their contribution but never mentioned about his towering accomplishments, about what he gave to millions of people in all those 24 years. At every single platform throughout his career, his humility has been his crown jewel.

Be humble every circumstance. It’s the biggest forte of achievers.

Never say die attitude:

Sachin’s career spanning 24 years bound to pass through rough patches and extreme challenges. Career-threatening tennis elbow injury, criticism about his poor form, talks about his inability to captain the team, or untimely death of his father – Sachin has emerged winner through every challenge.

The fighting spirit and never die attitude is the most important arsenal in winners’ armours. The difference between winners and losers is the persistence.

Practice is the art of perfection:

It’s rightly said that Complacency is the slow poison which annihilates even the greatest winners.

Sachin has never been complacent throughout his long career. The player of his calibre could easily be slipped into I-know-everything attitude. Still, he trained everyday for hours together taking his game to newer heights.

Practice brings perfection and confidence to scale the challenges.

Keep your cool:

Once during a match with Australia, Sachin was at receiving at of sledging. He amazingly kept his cool and kept on battering the bowlers. Bret Lee said to reached his players and advised them to pay respect to the legend worthy of his stature. He advised them to watch and learn from the great cricketer.

Sachin has always been come across as a calm individual with quite and serene personality. I have not seen him even once throwing tantrums on or off the field.

Calmness keeps one going and makes the opponents fall for the quality.

Worship your work field:

The rare gesture of touching the pitch for the last time as a player of Indian team shows the extent of respect Sachin has for his work field.

“I knew that I will never ever in my life get to do that. That’s where my life started and whatever I have today, Those 22 yards are like temple to me.”

Sachin Trendulkar in Farewell Speech.

Worship your work and be passionate about it. Your work field must be the most sacred place for you as it makes you the individual that the world sees and appreciates.

Be a team player:

He has been a great contributor to the team. Be it batting, bowling, or fielding, he always took the situation in his stride and made every member proud. His mere presence was enough to boost the morale of the team.

He played gracefully under various captains once he realized that he is at his best while contributing to the team, leaving the captaincy to the other able leaders. Great team players are integral part of the winning teams. Play your part to your best of capabilities. Perform when your team needs it.

Stay focused:

On and off the pitch, Sachin lived and breathed cricket. His team-mates brand him as the most focussed individual they have ever seen.

The heaps of amazing records are the result of focused approach and unwavering grit. There is no shortcut to success and focus is the prime requirement.

Have hunger to learn:

Even before his last test match at Wankhede, Sachin practiced for 6 hours in nets, discussed the nitty gritty of the game with his brother. He has been the great student of cricket till his retirement day. I am sure, his learning will never stop.

There has always been so much to learn for everyone. Keep learning. It is the sign of liveliness and growth.

Actions always speak louder:

Sachin has his fair share of ups and downs. Many a times, he has been on the receiving end of critics, players and fellow countrymen. He has answered them with his bat. His actions were louder every time, much more than his words.

Always put your best foot forward. People watch you every moment. Your actions must do all the talking. Get better with every experience rather than being good: Sachin improved his game with every inning he played. His hunger to learn, analyze, and implement, made him the legend.

Incremental improvement with learning every day goes a long way in transforming you into great winner.

Be a role model:

Sachin has been a role model for generations. He left a rich legacy. He inspired a whole bunch of cricketers who have taken the baton of Indian cricket from him. Be a person worth emulating by others.

There are loads more to learn from the life of Sachin.

I wish to quote lines from NDTV, aptly fit for the master blaster , “Special people make special gestures. Sachin Tendulkar, on Saturday, proved why he is called ‘God’ of cricket and will never ‘retire’ from the game in our lifetime.”

Sachin will never retire for us. He’ll keep on inspiring the generations to come. I salute the priceless gem of India – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the youngest Bharat Ratna.

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