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The Brand Called…YOU

Branding is the most clichéd word in marketing circles across industries. Very few organizations are able to reap the rewards of building great brands. Numerous brands jostle to get the attention of their consumers and many go into oblivion without much ado.

The market is also brimming with a plethora of great brands. Googles, Apples, Nokias, Fords, Tatas, Samsungs, McDonalds are the epitomes of greatness bundled with amazing services. On the other hand, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Amitabh Bachchan etc. have set new standards in personal branding.

In the vast ocean of brands floating around, you are working, consciously or subconsciously, to carve out a brand, the most powerful brand whose glory is in your absolute control……the most loved brand for you… “The Brand Called…You”.

With boundaries of personal and professional life fading out, every action of yours is either building or deteriorating your brand; every day, every moment.  It’s in your complete control to build a strong, impeccable personal brand which has a promise of quality, consistency, and value.

Branding often refers to the strong perception that consumers build in their minds. You as a brand are no different. Your brand is dynamic, and perception is built or ruined every time people around you see you, hear you or interact with you. By managing these three critical facets you can manage your brand like an effective marketer. Creating a positive, valued perception is the hallmark of your branding.   

Your personal brand is the powerful, clear, positive idea that comes to mind whenever other people think of you. It’s what you stand for – the values, abilities and actions that others associate with you. It’s an alter ego designed for the purpose of influencing how others perceive you and turning that perception into opportunity.

 The four Ps of personal branding; Passion, Purpose, Preparation and Performance are the virtual platform on which you build your impeccable brand. The driving energy behind these four Ps is bound to flow out to every aspect of your life making you the respected and sought-after brand.


Have a passion for the things you love doing. Be it travelling, dancing, music, reading, networking etc. This intense feeling of conviction for your interest is contagious and will cover every sphere of your personal being.


The purpose is deep motivation beyond ego and financial self-interest that serves as the most powerful force to keep the fire burning. The purpose can be as simple as getting self-satisfaction and happiness.


Preparation is the key to opportunity. Keep preparing for “those big opportunities”. The multifaceted brands never go out of sync, they have a multipronged approach to growing and keep looking for opportunities. Be a multifaceted brand, keep your tentacles growing. Believe me; this demands your highest level of commitment. A real toil in the journey of transformation to a great brand.


Performance is consequential of preparing yourself passionately with a clear purpose serving as a guiding force to metamorphose you into a brand your consumers loved.

When was the last time you deliberated with own self to set a mission and vision for yourself? Pause for a moment, sit composed, and let the mission and vision flow out of your core. Mission and vision operate in the functional, social, mental and spiritual dimensions of your life which are akin to the fierce markets in which your brand is jostling to stand out distinctively. Building your intellectual abilities and skills by efficiently connecting to people around you is the key. Setting your benchmarks high every time in these dimensions will take the “Brand You” to the next orbit of growth and opportunities.

Construct your standards and styles. Make your brand image more specific and adhere to the image that reflects your true self. Write down your brand statement in a crisp and short sentence. A thought, once written down on a piece of paper, becomes real and achievable. Keep your Readiness-Quotient high to turn the dream of making the “Brand…You” an enviable brand.      

The mantras to become an impeccable brand are universal and applicable to every facet of your life.

Improve Your Offerings

Deliver more than expected by keeping your threshold high. Never rest on your laurels and always look for ways to improve yourself. Focus on building new skills. Stay on top of the technology and use it to the maximum; this will be the strength of executives of the future.

Build Alliances and Form Relationships

Form alliances with those insides as well as outside of your organization. Alliances and relationships are critical for success. This will give much-needed momentum to your brand.

Attend Conferences and Other Professional Development Meetings

Look for areas of mutual interest with those you meet. Go the extra mile to attend professional meets outside your organization. This will increase the horizon of your brand as well as add value.

Focus on Teamwork

Be a valuable member of your team. Develop teams to take up challenges and work that needs attention. Work in a team; still be distinct in your capabilities, adding value to your team.

Get Involved in Mentoring

Have a mentor for yourself. Mentor others. Take care of your team and colleagues – be concerned, coach them and help them to set goals. Mentoring is also the best way of learning and making you a premium brand which is equally concerned for others to develop.

Form Your Reference base

Have a group of like-minded people who can speak well of you. They will be your personal board of directors. This comes from your teamwork and relationship building. Brand building is more about word-of-mouth marketing and networking.

Market Yourself

Every great brand has unmatchable marketing behind its success, pushing it to even greater heights. Market yourself, tell your story – you can’t assume that people will know the work you are doing. Measure your skills, your knowledge and your accomplishments. Be ruthless in identifying the areas that need improvement.

Stay True to Your Brand

Be honest to the “Brand…You”. Find out what you are good at and do the best you can in areas that need improvement. Support causes by giving time (and money) to what you believe in. Be ethical and socially responsible.

These are six sacred points to turn yourself into the power brand that your organization sought for –

  • Go for Stretched Goals
  • Be flexible in your approach
  • The goal is more important than the role
  • Invest in yourself for Self-development
  • Become process and system-oriented
  • Take care of your health.

These universal truths, once practised with sincerity, will make you distinct in the crowd; an efficient professional and a great brand.  

Always remember that you are the CEO of your life. You are the only person in absolute control of your life. Transforming your own self into a world-class brand is in your hands. Leave no stone unturned to realize this goal.

As Albert Einstein rightly said, “Don’t look to become a person of success, look instead to become a person of value. Success will follow”.

Start with a sincere resolution to strive for a global “Brand…You”. This will only enable you to take yourself to the position you truly deserve.

All the best for your exciting voyage to carve out a team of great brands….

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